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BeatMania For Pc! (4/10)
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Now, There are Different Beatmania Programs for Pc. Here's my Top 3 Pick, read the reviews, and choose your path! Also, Remember, when you've downloaded your program, head over to the bms section (Bms= Beat Mania Songs), because the songs for all 3 programs need to be downloaded separately! Also check out the Mixwaver skins section!

 Here are some basic controls for the first time player: S= Top Left Blue button, d= Top right Blue Button, Z= Bottom left silver button. X= Bottom middle button, C= Bottom right but. I know it's hard at first, but keep at it!!!!   

 1) Mixwaver Ver.1.5c (Most Recommended)   Confusing (The higher score=Less Confusing):10.0
   Graphics: 8.5  Fun Factor: 9.0
 Actual Play: 8.5

1)Download Mixwaver!         

1) I personally recommend mixwaver, because it has the best overall specs. Other programs only have their best specs in one area.

 2) Ryhthm it! (Most Popular)  Confusing (The higher score=Less Confusing):8.0
   Graphics: 9.0  Fun Factor: 8.5
 Actual Play: 7.5

2)Download Rhythm it!       

2) Now Rhythm it! came in close second. Two Reasons: Way too Girly and The Game Play doesn't deliver like Mixwaver's Gameplay! But try it also!

 3) BmDx (Most Accurate to Arcade Version)  Confusing (The higher score=Less Confusing): 5.0
   Graphics: 10.0  Fun Factor: 5.5
 Actual Play: 3.0

3)Download BmDx!

5) For Bmdx, the programmers focused way too much on the looks than the actual game! I would give it a shot and download it if neccesary and give your thoughts about it. Really Cool Graphics Though! Read this Next Section on Download instructions After You Have Downloaded BmDx:

GCA Compression Archiver: Go to the GCA section and download the first file (click on the link on the left).


Downloading and getting bemaniaDX ready

  1. Get all of the necessary files.
  2. Install the GCA Compression Archiver to any directory and run it.
  3. Open the first menu and click on the third option. It should bring up an 'Open' file dialog box.
  4. Select the bemaniaDX.gca file and open it.
  5. A new dialog box should open up. Check the first checkbox and then click 'OK'. bemaniaDX should now be extracted in that directory.
  6. Extract the song that you downloaded into the bemaniaDX directory. Place it anywhere you want within it; I suggest creating a 'Songs' directory and dumping your songs in there.
  7. Move the bemaniaDX directory to wherever you want.
  8. bemaniaDX is now installed! However, you may want to read the guide to learn how to use the program.